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We provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Coeur D’Alene as well as other areas in Idaho. We can install new locks in your homes or business premises in affordable prices. To find out the many other services we offer, get in touch with us.

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Mobile Locksmiths in Coeur D’Alene

Mobile Locksmiths in Coeur D’Alene

If you’re having a hard time finding the right locksmiths in Coeur D’Alene, you don’t need to look further than GOAT Locksmith. We provide a benefit-rich experience to our customers, from easy service acquisition to high-quality product installation.

There are a lot of problems that you can run into with the locks in your home, car or office. And here at GOAT Locksmith, we aim to provide you with the solutions for each one of those. You can get in touch with us whether you’re a lone resident looking to have some new locks installed or whether you’re a full-fledged corporation looking to amp up the security around the premises.

Our Diverse Locksmith Services in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

We’re a one-stop locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho agency that you can hire for pretty much every lock-and-key-related need. We offer residential locksmith services such as garage door lock installation and repair, front door lock installation and repair, home lockout services and much more.

Other than that, we also provide various automotive services such as ignition switch repair and rekeying, car key duplication, car key cutting using VIN number, fob programming and so on. And if that is not enough, we also bring a host of commercial locksmith solutions to you, such as mortise lock installation, bulk spare key creation, lock repair and lock rekeying.

If you want to find out more about our services, you can always get in touch with us via phone call or by using the contact form.

Residential Locksmith Services

When we talk about residential locksmith services, it basically refers to everything that we do for homeowners inside their homes. Residential lock-and-key problems are common, and they can occur frequently every now and then. But such problems aren’t something to worry about if you have the right locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho agency to call. That is where we come in. Our range of services are aimed at clearing up any issue that you may face with the locks and keys in your home. We can install new locks for you or repair the ones already in place.

Automotive Locksmith Services

There are plenty of keys and key slots associated with a single automobile. You need to operate a key slot when you need to get inside the car, when you need to start it and (if you’re driving an older model) when you need to pop open the gas cap. With all these key slots, there are chances some of them could get damaged or stuck. Plus, since you have to use the same key all the time, it (the key) could also get broken in event of some rough handling. Whatever the issue may be, GOAT Locksmith offers you a solution for it.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you’re worried about the security being too lax around your business premises, don’t worry. All you need is some heavy and hefty locks installed at the right places. Once you have the entrances secured, you won’t have to worry about thefts or break-ins. We can install new locks around your office at an affordable price. We can also repair and rekey any of the existing ones that may have gotten damaged. Give us a call today and we will be over to give the site a look and see what solution best fits for it.

The Array of Locksmith Spokane Valley, Washington Services We Provide

One of the key and salient features of our agency is the large number of services we offer. Instead of only offering key replacements or lock installations, we gather a range of different solutions in one place for the ease and convenience of our customers.

Here is a brief list of the services that you can get at GOAT Locksmith:

To learn more about the services that we provide, you can always give us a call at the provided number.

When You Should Call GOAT Locksmith in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho?

As we’ve elaborated above, there are a lot of situations that you can face that can prompt the need of an expert locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. But, some of those situations can be handled on one’s own. For example, if your lock slot is a little stubborn, you can fix it with some lubricant. Or, if the lock itself is a little shaky due to a loose screw, you can tighten it yourself.

Nevertheless, it is important to know which problems are best left to a professional. To help you understand that, here are some of those:

If Your Keys are Stuck in Locks

This is one of the most common and most annoying problems that you can run into when it comes to locks and keys. If your keys are stuck inside the locks, you shouldn’t take any makeshift measures yourself i.e., to try and dismantle the lock. You should always call a locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. By using the right equipment, the locksmith(s) will be able to fix your problem easily for you without any trouble.

If You Need New Duplicate Keys for Your Locks

Of course, there isn’t much that you can do yourself when it comes to duplicating keys. You have to get the services of a locksmith. But not just any locksmith – a reliable and trustworthy one. Creating and handling spare keys is a delicate business and you can only trust a reliable professional/team for it. For example, here at GOAT Locksmith, you will be paired up with experts that have more than 10 years of experience and are licensed/certified.

If You Need to Have New Locks Installed

Having the right number of locks installed around your home/office is necessary for safety and security. If you’ve moved to a new place or if you’re just looking to have some new locks set up, you should call a professional locksmith Coeur D’alene, Idaho for the job.

Why Should You Choose GOAT Locksmith in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho?

There could be a lot of locksmiths that you could pick for your locksmith needs in Coeur D’Alene. But we give you several reasons to pick our agency over the others.

Quick and Prompt Services

You probably won’t like to wait around for days to have your lock-and-key problem solved. Neither do we. We provide our services on a quick and prompt basis. Once you confirm your booking, our expert will be over at your location within the next 24 hours. The best part about working with our agency is that even the parts before the actual meetup are quick and easy to get over with. If you want to get a quote, you can do it easily via the form on our website. And if you want to learn more about our agency, there is plenty of information that we’ve published for your benefit on our website. Of course, we are available if need to reach out via call or email.

Experienced Locksmiths

Experience is key if you’re looking for a locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho agency. An experienced locksmith can handle different types of lock problems easy and skillfully. Plus, they’re better to deal with since they’re friendly and they have the know-how to answer questions during the course of the service. Here at GOAT Locksmith, all the locksmiths on our team have more than 10 years of experience.

Affordable Quotes

Good locksmith services are affordable locksmith services. If you don’t want to spend a lot on your hire but are still looking to snag some quality services, GOAT Locksmith is where you need to come. Our quotes are affordable and reasonably priced. You can easily get yours right from our website. And on top of being affordable, our quotes are also transparent and fair. There aren’t any hidden charges that you have to worry about paying. What you’ll agree to is what you’ll pay.

Wide Range of Offered Services

GOAT Locksmith provides a wide range of residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. Instead of going to different companies and agencies for your needs, you can bring all of them here at one place. We can install locks for you, repair them if you need and also provide advanced services such as fob programming and cutting car keys using VIN numbers.

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What Do You Need to Consider When Hiring a Locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho?

Hiring the right locksmith agency can be a little tricky, but it can save you from getting scammed or from getting low-quality services. To make sure that you hire the right locksmith, here are some things that you should keep in consideration.

License and Certification

Licenses and certifications essentially show the authenticity of the locksmiths. If the locksmiths are licensed and certified, it means that they are cleared to deal with locks and keys. That is why you should always keep an eye for these details before making the hire. You can find out about the license and certifications of the locksmiths by getting in touch with the agency.

Service Offerings

Of course, there is not much use in hiring a locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho if they don’t provide the services that you need. That is why you have to check the offered services of your contemplated agency and see if they provide the one you need. You can do this easily either by visiting the website of the agency or by reaching out to them via call/mail.


You should also look at the prices that are being charged by the agency for its services. While you should be a little ready to spend, if necessary, you should also try and avoid agencies that are too expensive. You can just get a quote from your contemplated agency to see what type of prices they charge. If you find the price agreeable, you can continue otherwise not.

Quick Availability

The agency you hire should provide their services quickly and promptly. That way, you won’t have to wait around a lot for the locksmith Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to show up. Locksmith services are usually needed in some sort of crisis or emergency. For example, you may need these services if you’re on a trip somewhere and you misplace all your car keys. Obviously, in such a situation, you won’t like to wait a lot. That is why you should hire a firm that responds quickly and swiftly.

Why Should You Hire GOAT Locksmith for Your Needs?

Reliability, experience and expertise – GOAT Locksmith brings it all together in one place. There are many perks and benefits that you can enjoy by hiring our agency for solving your lock-and-key problems.

Our clients and customers include all sorts – from individuals to entire corporations.

As always, you can get in touch with us to know more about our agency by calling us at the provided number.

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Yes, all our locksmiths have the required licenses and certifications. On top of that, all of them have more than 10 years of experience as well.

Our agency has been in the running for more than 6 years. And all the locksmiths on our team have more than 10 years of experience in the field.

You can use the following payments at GOAT Locksmith:

  1. Cash
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  3. Credit or debit cards
  4. Venmo
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We offer manufacturer-backed warranties on our offered products such as locks. You can use these warranties within the covered period to have them replaced if needed.

Yes, all of our locksmiths are hired after going through background checks. We’re meticulous about our hiring process since we want only reliable experts to deal with our customers.

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