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We offer the quickest and most trustworthy commercial lock repair in the area. Trust GOAT Locksmith to provide a swift solution whether your commercial outlet door lock is jammed, the key is broken, or the key glides into the lock awkwardly. Our locksmiths are among the best in the business and have a wealth of expertise working with all types of commercial door locks. If you’re wondering where to find “industrial lock repair near me,” rely on our professionals to provide a practical answer. If you get in touch with us right away, we’ll be there quickly with all the tools we need to get you safely inside!

At GOAT Locksmith, You May Get A Reasonable Commercial Lock Repair Solution

Selecting a local business lock repair service entails more than just giving them responsibility for your company’s security. But it also implies that you’ll pay a reasonable price for the services provided. At GOAT Locksmith, we recognize the significance of equating service value with service quality. Our extensive business locksmith services are created to completely address all of your company’s door lock issues at the most competitive prices. You may trust our professionals with any lock problems, and we’ll endeavor to provide a durable solution. We don’t just charge a fee; we also guarantee that the issue is resolved permanently.

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To permanently fix our customers’ lock issues, GOAT Locksmith aims to provide them with specialized commercial lock repair services.  Do you still need an excuse to hire us?

The greatest example of customer success

We've established enduring connections with our clients for our over ten years in the business, and they are always pleased to recommend us. With this experience, you can be confident that the hardware repair service for our commercial locks is above and beyond satisfactory.We create connections!

Local mobile locksmith repair services

Do you have to wait for your present locksmith to show up for at least two hours?With the help of our mobile industrial lock repair service, you should immediately replace them. In specific cities that we cover, we have a mobile staff ready to respond to your emergency commercial door lock situations.

Numerous types of commercial locks

We have the most competence in commercial door locks in the business. Our locksmiths receive ongoing training and updates on the most recent developments in commercial lock technology. Regardless of the issue with your commercial door lock, put your trust in our experts to handle it.

Registered and covered

Dealing with a locksmith who is licensed provides you with confidence that they are legally acknowledged to possess the talents they claim to have. To ensure that our professional locksmiths are constantly protected against all types of mishaps, GOAT Locksmith is licensed and insured.


Are you unsure if our specialists can resolve the specific commercial door lock issue you’re experiencing? As we have been in the business for so long, GOAT Locksmith is well-equipped to handle any commercial lock repair problem. You can depend on our team to keep your company secure since we have locksmiths who have received extensive training and certification.Here are some of the circumstances in which our professional locksmiths can help you!
Locked doors

Everyone has experienced situations where they are unable to open the door, since the lock is jammed and they have misplaced their keys. Although these times can be tense and difficult, don't worry! We are available to you! For a variety of doors that may become stuck for a variety of reasons, our team at GOAT Locksmith provides commercial door lock repair. Today, contact us by phone or use our online appointment request form, and we'll be there as soon as we can to assist you!

Sticky door lock

A hinge may have a beautiful appearance, but if the door won't close or closes with tremendous difficulty, there may be a problem with the hinge adjustments. To determine which hinge needs adjusting first, check to see whether there are any gaps between the frame and the door. Never, however, try to adjust every hinge on a frame door at once. For a prompt, effective response to your hinge adjustment issues, call GOAT Locksmith. All varieties of hinges can be repaired by our experts, who do it for a reasonable price.

Frozen locks

Locks become frozen when moisture enters the lock, which is often caused by a drop in temperature. When the key won't fit into the lock, you can be sure it's a frozen lock issue. Avoid attempting to force the key in as this could cause the key to break. The best course of action is to get in touch with the business lock repair service staff at GOAT Locksmith.

Clumsy door lock

You might need to lubricate the lock if you're having trouble with a stuck lock that won't let the key in or, once in, won't let it out. The finest lubricant to use is WD40, but if the issue persists, you should call your local locksmiths. We strongly advise against attempting to fix it yourself with DIY projects. You can wind up doing more harm than you anticipated.Let GOAT Locksmith’s professionals come to your aid!

The lock has a broken key

Potential customers can leave believing you're closed for business if the key cracks within the lock, which can be disastrous for your company. Prevent these difficulties by taking advantage of GOAT Locksmith’s commercial door lock maintenance and repair services, which will remove faulty keys and re-establish your lock's functionality. Have you encountered issues with commercial door locks that aren't mentioned here?Call our mobile locksmith service, and we'll be there to have a look in no time!


To assist you safeguard your commercial property and concentrating on operating your business, GOAT Locksmith provides various commercial lock repair services. 

Installation of commercial door lock services

GOAT Locksmith provides complete commercial lock installation services, including new installations on recently built buildings as well as security lock upgrades, replacements, and new installations. Whatever your needs are for business security, we are prepared to install a variety of security lock systems on your property to protect it from illegal entry. GOAT Locksmith is your go-to local locksmith for the safety of your commercial locations, if you’re looking for “commercial door lock repair and maintenance near me” online.

Commercial lockout service

Due to their frequent use, commercial locks are particularly susceptible to wear and strain. Our qualified commercial lock repair and maintenance service specialists can assist you if jammed locks or missing keys have locked you out of your business location. To help you recover entry to your commercial property, GOAT Locksmith technicians will offer a prompt lockout service. Also, we’ll do routine maintenance on your locks to provide you with the assurance that your company is adequately safeguarded by strengthened, high-quality locks.

Industrial rekeying service

Have you rented a location for your business and need reassurance that you hold the only set of keys? To give you exclusive access, GOAT Locksmith would be pleased to provide business rekeying services. To prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your commercial space, our skilled locksmiths will rekey your locks and create high-quality keys for your locks. 

Servicing for business lock cylinders

In some cases, if the door lock is problematic, you don’t need to replace it. Most door lock problems can be resolved by replacing the lock cylinder. It’s less expensive than changing the door lock entirely. Replacement services for business lock cylinders are available from GOAT Locksmith. If your cylinder lock is broken or your keys are lost, our professional locksmiths can change it with a new cylinder that is compatible with the lock’s brand, type, and size. The rim cylinder, knob cylinder, key-in, and mortise cylinder can all be replaced by our professionals.


Commercial locks are an essential component of every company’s security system. The makes and models of the locks on your door and the degree of the damage determine the price of fixing commercial locks. The most affordable prices for resolving commercial lock issues are provided by GOAT Locksmith. Our locksmith specialists can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote after they have evaluated the issue at hand. You may be sure that our estimate exceeds the industry norm.

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Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most.

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Even if you’re a DIY pro, we strongly advise against attempting to repair the locks on your commercial property yourself. You could potentially do more harm, which exposes your capital to losses. But, by greasing it with WD40, you can fix typical problems like a lock that isn’t working. Please get in touch with our professional locksmiths if this doesn’t work out for a workable solution.
As the type of lock and other considerations, such as lock cylinder replacement, or complete replacement considerably influence the cost of changing a commercial lock, there is no set price for doing so. But, after analyzing the issue, we can provide a free assessment with no commitment.
Once more, the type of lock determines how much it will cost to rekey a commercial lock. After our locksmiths determine what kind of lock your door is using, we can provide you with a free quotation.

The locks of the commercial door are more intricate, robust, and thus challenging to repair. A successful replacement typically requires a professional locksmith with knowledge of a specific lock system. Avoid attempting to replace the part yourself because you might inflict a great deal of harm that would be expensive to fix. Choose GOAT Locksmith instead to efficiently replace the locks on your commercial doors.

The answer is that commercial locks differ from residential ones. Keyless access, commercial strikes, electromagnetic locks, restricted key systems, passkey systems, and door closers are the six main categories of business locks. Commercial door locks often differ from residential door locks in that they are stronger. Commercial locks fall into grade 1 of Builders Home Manufacturers Association’s 3 categories. They are the strongest because of the heavy use they receive in places like schools, hospitals, libraries, etc. They also cost far more to maintain or replace and last longer.