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Reliability and cost-effectiveness are two aspects critical to choosing the best commercial lock installation service. At GOAT Locksmith, we meet and exceed this expectation to provide our customers with utmost satisfaction and convenience. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths have the latest equipment to deliver quality lock installation results at the earliest. 

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Quality Lock Installation by Professional Locksmiths

The security needs of commercial space are extensive. It is important to ensure they’re properly taken care of so that the property and even the people working there remain protected at all times. Our team of professional locksmiths is adequately trained to fulfill security needs ranging from commercial lock installation to advanced security systems. 

Whether you want to replace the locks or need someone to rekey them for enhanced security, GOAT Locksmith has got you covered.

How to Find the Best Commercial Lock Installation Service Provider?

Search for a local commercial lock installation service online and you’d be bombarded with several options. If you are doing this for the first time, the choices will only make the selection more challenging. Here’s a quick checklist to help you make the decision-

Experience with Commercial Locks

Commercial locks are often different from ones used for residential doors. As a result, even locksmith certifications vary between the two. So, ensure you choose a locksmith who has the required certification and experience in commercial security. Only such skilled locksmiths can effectively manage the complex security needs of commercial space and deliver efficient results.

Insurance and License

There are regulatory bodies that license locksmiths according to their knowledge and skills. As security is such a critical aspect of running a business, ensure you only trust licensed locksmiths for your needs. Moreover, you should also ensure the locksmith has the required insurance coverage as required by the business regulatory bodies.

Business Reputation

Building a positive business reputation is a time and effort-consuming process. If the locksmith has an excellent market reputation, it is safe to assume that it offers quality services. You can check online reviews or customer testimonials on their website to get an idea of what you can expect. But ensure the reviews are from genuine customers.

Why GOAT Locksmith for All Your Commercial Lock Installation Needs?

You should always proceed cautiously when trusting someone with the security needs of your commercial space. Over the years, GOAT Locksmith has worked with several local businesses, including offices, retail outlets, manufacturing units, and more, delivering quality results along with affordability. 

Our extensive experience of working with commercial customers has enabled us to thoroughly understand their security needs. We use this knowledge and experience to understand the lock installation needs of our clients and provide them with the required solutions. Rest assured, you can trust our licensed and insured team to enhance the security of your commercial space.  

 Our Services Include

  • Commercial Door Lock Installation
  • Commercial Lock Rekeying
  • Master Key for Commercial Doors
  • Biometric and Keyless Entry System
  • Emergency Services

What are the Various Types of Commercial Locks Included in Commercial Lock Installation Services?

The commercial lock industry is rapidly advancing and models with newer technologies are introduced at regular intervals. One of the most significant benefits of this accelerated innovation is the freedom for businesses to choose security solutions according to their requirements. The same approach is used by us to deliver personalized solutions to our customers. 

Our commercial lock installation service begins with a consultation where we first try to understand your business and its security requirements. Based on our analysis, we then recommend the best lock for your commercial doors. For instance, clinics, daycare centers, and law firms generally use strike locks which are installed with an intercom or doorbell and visitors are given access only after verification. 

For spaces like offices, keyless systems are gaining widespread popularity. This could either be fingerprint or code-based systems where employees can only enter the office after verification. Alternatively, if there are no functional levers or doorknobs, magnetic locks can also be an ideal choice. These locks have a magnetic sensor for opening the door and are highly effective when you need to limit the number of times an authorized personnel is allowed to open the door. 

If it is a commercial building that you’d like to secure, you should consider door closers. With these systems, the door will automatically close after each entry. Door closers can also have a master key system to restrict access to certain areas of the property. With the help of this system, you can easily track people accessing all the different areas in the building. 

How to Avail GOAT Locksmith’s Commercial Lock Installation Service?

To offer enhanced convenience to our customers, we’ve made sure that the entire process of availing our commercial lock installation service is simple and quick. Here are the steps involved-

  • Initial Consultation

Customers can contact us by phone or by filling up the short form on our website. This is followed by an initial consultation with our expert team based on which we offer a free, no-obligation quote. Be assured we offer a dynamic blend of quality service and affordability. 

  • Detailed Assessment

Once you accept our quote, our skilled locksmiths will visit your commercial space for a detailed assessment. We will try to better understand your business and its security needs to recommend the right commercial locks.

  • Lock Installation

Based on your selection, we will source the necessary hardware. You can then select a date and time when you’d like our locksmiths to install the commercial locks. Our locksmiths will arrive with all the equipment to complete the installation process at the earliest. We will not cause any downtime or disruption to avoid impacting your day-to-day operations.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Office Lock Installation Needs

If you’re looking for a trusted locksmith to handle the commercial lock installation needs of your office or commercial space, look no further as GOAT Locksmith offers all the convenience and reliability you need. With swift services, vast experience, zero hidden charges, and transparent prices, we are a one-stop solution for all your commercial lock installation needs. 

Here are some of the highlights of GOAT Locksmith-

  • A qualified and licensed team of locksmiths
  • World-class customer service
  • No-obligation quotes
  • Use advanced equipment for quality work
  • Authorized by leading lock brands
  • Offer master-key systems

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Our consistency and reliability speak for themselves. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege to work with several small, medium, and large businesses and have succeeded in delivering quality commercial lock installation services. Our ability to understand the custom security needs of our customers allows us to provide them with lasting solutions that significantly enhance the security of their commercial space. 

Experience the difference by contacting our expert team today.

What Do Clients Say About Our Commercial Lock Installation Service?

“I opted for commercial door lock installation service by Locksmith Empire on recommendation by a friend. I was setting up a salon and needed help with commercial locks. The team did an excellent job and I’m happy to recommend them.”
Ivanka –
“I run a consultancy firm in Oregon. I hired Locksmith Empire and I must say I’m quite impressed with their quick response time and the timely job done by them. They know their task really well and I’ll surely hire them for my future locksmith needs.”
Greg –

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Frequently Ask Questions.

It varies from project to project as the security needs of every customer are different. It is only after a detailed assessment of your business and its security needs can we provide any fixed timeline. But rest assured, we’ll complete the job at the earliest.

This again varies depending on the locks you select and the number of locks that need to be installed. Even if you’re opting for a new security system, the cost will vary depending on the system you choose.

We generally fulfill lock installation requests within hours. However, in some cases, our locksmiths will have to first inspect the facility before recommending the right product. Installation begins after the required lock and other hardware are sourced from a supplier. But as we have an extensive supplier network, things generally work out very quickly.

As the lock industry is evolving, it is necessary for us to provide our locksmiths with all the training they need to continue delivering quality results. We also provide them with the best tools and equipment for the best results. 

Yes, we excel in delivering custom security solutions to our commercial customers. Whether you already know what you’re looking for or need our experts to recommend the right product, we can help.