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Have you misplaced your car keys? Or perhaps locked out of the car in the middle of nowhere? GOAT Locksmith is here to your rescue! Call us today and let our expert locksmiths sort out your car key trouble in minutes!

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Get Cost-Effective Car Key Making Service From The Experts

Car keys trouble can strike any moment when you least expect it. It could be a broken ignition key,
misplaced keys, or locked out of the car. When this happens, you want to be sure there’s a loyal
locksmith on speed dial. At GOAT Locksmith, we offer professional car key-making services for every car keys problem.

Our team comprises highly trained and skilled local locksmiths with a combined experience of over 30
years. Plus, we are licensed, insured, and bonded car locksmiths. That means you can have confidence
in our expertise to solve your car keys troubles. Our experts are skilled in all types of car keys, including
transponders, switchable, mechanical, remote, smart, laser cut, and flip styles.

Need Duplicate Car Key Urgently?

It is always good to have a backup for everything, including your car keys. With a duplicate car key, you
can save yourself a great deal of stress when you misplace your primary keys. But not every other
locksmith who claims to make duplicates can do it properly. That applies, especially if you have a
modern car with a smart key or keyless entry system.

What makes GOAT Locksmith different from your typical locksmith is that we have advanced electronic
expertise and technology to work on any key. Our experts can refurbish, repair, and duplicate any car
keys, no matter how complex.

Whether you have Dodge, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Toyota, or GMC, our experts can make
duplicate keys easily. Our car key-making service is quick and efficient, and we can come to your

Ignition Key Broken in The Lock?

Getting an ignition key broken in the lock is one of the most frustrating experiences any driver can go through. This can be more infuriating, especially when you are far from home. While you might be tempted to wiggle and extract the broken piece yourself, we highly discourage it. Instead of removing the broken key, you may damage the ignition lock.It is better to be ready for such unexpected emergencies by having a reliable car key-making service expert on your speed dial. GOAT Locksmith has the tools and experience to remove broken ignition keys without damaging the lock. Plus, our car key-making service experts will create duplicate keys and repair the ignition lock if it is damaged already. Call us today for cost-effective and professional services.

What Makes Our Car Key Making Service More Reliable?

When looking for solutions to car keys issues, most car owners only think of GOAT Locksmith. Apart
from our cost-effective car key-making services, we are trustworthy for the following reasons.


Quick Mobile Car Locksmith Service

Our trained and qualified local locksmiths are always ready to help you with car keys emergencies. Whether you’ve misplaced your car keys or need key programming, our team is only a phone call away.

Expert Key Programming

When you own a car with a modern programmable lock system, an ordinary locksmith may not help. At GOAT Locksmith, our car key-making service includes expert key programming for smooth compatibility with your lock system. Our experts won’t just create a duplicate, but we’ll also program chipped laser keys and sidewinders, thanks to our expertise and advanced car key programming equipment.


100% Safety Guarantee

Did you know that some unscrupulous car key-making service providers can also make an extra duplicate without your knowledge? These scammers can later use the duplicate to steal or hijack your car. GOAT Locksmith is 100% honorable as we are duly registered, regulated, and with every technician background checked. Nothing is concealed when you choose to work with us. Our technicians won’t perform anything without your knowledge. Our experts will keep you involved every step of the way so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Locally Owned with Zero Consultation Fees

When choosing a car key-making service expert, you need a local company ready to help, no matter
your location in the city. GOAT Locksmith covers every corner of Washington, including Locksmith
Spokane washington, Locksmith Spokane valley washington, Locksmith Airway heights washington,
Locksmith cheney washington, and Locksmith liberty lake washington.

Most importantly, we offer free consultations on all types of car keys. Our response time is the quickest
in the city. Our team can reach your location within an hour in the city. Plus, our customer service is
professional, friendly, and always ready to serve you. Call us today for all your car key-making service
needs and experience quality above the rest!

GOAT Locksmith Car Key-Making Services

Our experience in car key-making services is top-notch. Choose from our broad category of car key- making services and get professional assistance today.
Smart key programming

Do you need urgent help with your smart key programming? Our experts are skilled in electronic car keys technology and can reprogram your car lock system after making your smart car key. These are programmed to unlock the doors when nearby. Also, you’ll turn on the engine at the press of the start button. Our GOAT Locksmith experts are skilled and have the equipment to duplicate and program your smart car keys. We program smart keys for Jaguar, Porsche, GMC, BMW, Mercs, and all other car makes.

Key Fob Duplication

Generally, key fobs are built with a complicated lock technology to make it more difficult to create duplicates. However, you don’t have to go to a dealership when you misplace or damage your key fob. Our skilled GOAT Locksmith experts can help you.Our locksmith experts can make key fob duplicates and program them into your vehicle’s lock system. This way, you can replace a faulty key fob or have a spare key fob for emergencies. Contact our local mobile locksmiths today for a quick resolution.

Traditional Car Key Duplication

Do you have mechanical car locks that use metallic car keys? No worries. Our team can quickly duplicate the keys within minutes. Whether the key is lost, broken, or stuck in the ignition lock, trust our expert locksmiths to help. We can make duplicate keys even if you do not have the original and can also retrieve the broken key and repair your ignition lock.

Transponder Key Programming

Most modern cars use transponder keys, equipped with a microchip for communication with the car’s computer. Our experienced and skilled locksmiths can efficiently program your transponder key to work with your car.

Why Choose GOAT Locksmith Car Key Making Services?

Are you thinking about replacing your current car locksmith with an efficient and more reliable locksmith expert? GOAT Locksmith offers more reasons to choose us.

Background Checked and Certified Locksmiths

The first step to choosing a car key-making service is ensuring their technicians are certified to operate as professional locksmiths. Plus, they need a clean criminal record to protect car owners against scammers masquerading as locksmiths. GOAT Locksmith does a thorough background check on all technicians before onboarding to ensure they are free from criminal records that may tarnish the company’s reputation.

Duly Licensed and Insured

GOAT Locksmith is duly registered and is insured and bonded to protect clients against all risks. We conform to all the local regulations and state laws governing the locksmith industry. Our company is also bonded to meet all our financial and legal obligations in car key-making service delivery.

Specialized Car Key Technology Locksmiths

Our locksmiths are not the ordinary “Jack of all trades.” We have technicians trained and specialized in particular types of car keys and locks. We have dedicated locksmiths for electronic and mechanical locks to make sure every job is perfectly done once and for all. Our expert locksmiths can duplicate all types of keys, including transponders, smart keys, key fobs, mechanical keys, and more. When you choose GOAT Locksmith, expect no repetitions or mishaps because the locksmith art is our specialty.

Cost-Effective Service

You want a locksmith that can show up any time within the city to help you with your car keys troubles without charging exorbitant fees. GOAT Locksmith has one of the most affordable car key-making services. Our prices are reasonably calculated and come with zero hidden charges. Plus, we do not charge our clients for consultation.

Make the Right Move. Choose GOAT Locksmith Car Key Making Service Today

Don’t get stuck with a car locksmith with overpriced and inefficient services. GOAT Locksmith is here to your rescue with highly reliable car key-making services. And we have many happy clients to attest to our professionalism and service quality.Call us today; our friendly customer support team is ready to receive your request.
Most popular questions


Here are few of the regular queries we get. 

Give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

Our experts can make a duplicate car key using the original key by bringing it to our workshop. If you do not have the original, our local locksmith team can visit you at your location and make duplicates. You’ll only need proof of car ownership.
The time length to make a new car key varies on the technology of your car lock system and the problem at hand. But our locksmiths have modern car keys programming equipment to finish the duplicate key- making process in an hour.
Yes, we can. We are skilled and equipped with advanced car keys programming equipment, allowing us to make duplicates for any car keys. Our experts will sort you quickly, whether it’s a GMC, Jaguar, Porsche, or BMW, How much will it cost me to have my car key duplicate made? We have one of the most affordable car key-making services. The cost depends on the type of car keys and the programming complexity. Contact us for a free quote today.
Yes, we do. However, not every car key-making service is an emergency. For instance, if you need a spare key made as your backup, this is not an emergency. However, if your car key breaks in the ignition and you need another one made, this is an emergency. Talk to us now; we will sort out your urgent car key-making needs.