Looking for quick car key replacement services near you? GOAT Locksmith is fully qualified and has developed an outstanding reputation of trust and reliability. Our team can resolve the most complex issues from lost/stolen keys to unlocking deadlocked vehicles. No task is too small for our team.    

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Best Car Door Lock Replacement Services Near You in Oregon

When a car door lock starts acting up, it can greatly inconvenience you. The door lock’s unresponsive behavior can be due to damage, freezing, or wear and tear. Locksmith Empire has the expertise and tools to replace your car door’s lock conveniently and quickly.

If wondering where to find “car door lock replacement near me,” we have wide service coverage in Oregon. Some of the areas we serve include Salem, Keizer, Aurora, Donald, Jefferson, and many others. Contact us today to get the service at unbeatable market rates.


Whether you have lost your car key or if it has started to wear down, then it is time to call a trusted locksmith. Contact GOAT Locksmiths right away for affordable car key replacement solutions.  

Here are a few signs that tell you when is the right time to replace your old car keys!

If your keys get stuck

If your car keys get stuck, then it’s time for a replacement. If the keys get stuck in the middle, it implies that it is not completing each turn which could result in further damage to your car lock.

If you have shared your car keys with someone else

If you have shared your car keys with someone accidentally who wasn’t supposed to have them in the first place, then it is time for a key replacement!

If your key is older than 6 years

Most car keys designed after 1994 are laser cut using a deep-hole drilling process. if you see scratches on your key or if there is any unevenness in the surface, then you need to replace it with a new one. If you are still using an old-school car key, then it is high time to switch to a new keyless entry set.

If you have lost your only spare

There is nothing worse than losing your only set of car keys when you have to ride to work every day. to be able to drive your car again, you need to request a new set of keys from an expert locksmith

If your keys are bent

If any of your car keys have started to bend, then it is time to replace them. The expert technicians at GOAT Locksmiths will help you make the switch in no time!

Broken key in the lock

There are times when the key and the lock can be in a bad state due to wear and tear. If the key gets stuck inside the lock, then in such circumstances, getting new keys wouldn’t be effective. Only an expert can assess the condition and advise you on what you need to do next. Vehicle door lock replacement could be essential in such cases.


Here are the most common kinds of car keys available along with details about their replacement.

Traditional car key

The traditional key is a mechanical car key that is commonly seen in older car models. It doesn’t come with any special encoding. Hence, a locksmith can cut it easily with their set of tools. If you lose it, then you can call GOAT Locksmiths. Our experts would cut the keys on the spot without you having to wait for a long time for a replacement key. If a new key can’t be cut, then you will have to invest in a new ignition lock cylinder and key.

Car key fob

Several car keys come with a detachable key fob that is often referred to as remote head keys. This consists of an internal transmitter that enables keyless entry access. If you lose the fob, then you can still access your car with the key or contact us for a replacement.

Car key fob and switchblade key

This is a newer version of a detachable key fob. The key is spring-loaded into the fob and folds when triggered. Our team can cut the key and program the fob in no time so you can access your vehicle as soon as possible.

Laser cut key

This is a distinct key with a thicker shank when compared to a traditional key. It consists of a unique pattern that boosts your vehicle’s security making it difficult to duplicate. It also comes with a transponder for preventing unauthorized access. Connect to our team at GOAT Locksmith if you don’t have a spare key. They will cut out a new key for you and also program the transponder chip.

Smart key

The smart key promises a keyless ignition system. It comes with cars that have a start button and a proximity sensor for detecting the smart key. It allows you to unlock and start the vehicle. If you don’t have a duplicate key, then you can contact our expert team at GOAT Locksmiths.


It can be frustrating to get locked outside your car. When you call an expert locksmith to your rescue, your car will be unlocked efficiently. Hiring an experienced locksmith has a lot of merits. 

Can effortlessly deal with complicated keys

Car keys have undergone a lot of change since 1990. Gone are the days when they sell machine-cut keys that can be copied easily. Car keys now come with security features to prevent the vehicle from theft. If you have a car model later than 1990, then mostly your car key could either be a fob, transponder, remote, smart key, or switchblade. Each has its built-in feature which makes it more complicated to duplicate. This is when calling an expert locksmith helps. GOAT Locksmith is aware of all the complex changes and can cut out the precise set of keys for your car make. 

No one knows locks better than them

Locksmiths know all kinds of keys and are well-prepared to repair or replace any car key. This also includes high-tech car keys. Hence, it is much wiser to consult your local, experienced auto locksmith who can provide quick services in no time.  

Affordable than a dealership

Dealerships have a notorious reputation for the high prices they charge even for basic requirements just fixing a car key. They have a lot of overhead to cover that is passed on to the customers. This is where a local auto locksmith works wonders. They charge you less than a dealer for the same key and service. Moreover, the turnaround time is quicker.

Efficient and reliable

A dependable locksmith like GOAT Locksmith ensures that their quality of work is praiseworthy and long-lasting. Our team has all the adequate resources to meet your needs as and when they arise. 

Licensed and insured

GOAT Locksmith is an expert auto lock replacement service provider. We are licensed and insured and meet all legal requirements. Contact our team if you need assistance in replacing car door locks at reasonable prices.


Even if you wish to avail basic car locksmith services, it is best to contact an experienced and reputable locksmith. GOAT Locksmith provides a variety of services including the most complex car locksmith services.


We are professional auto locksmiths with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with lockout situations and any other scenarios. we are licensed professionals with years of experience in car key replacement, general automotive locksmith services, and car lock systems.


Prompt assistance

A lockout is an emergency service that requires you to take quick action. Hiring a locksmith like GOAT Locksmiths ensures that you receive a quick response within a short time. This is critical if you become locked in or out of your vehicle. In such circumstances, you need a mobile locksmith who can arrive at your location quickly to repair your car lock or fix the issues you are facing with the key thereby giving you complete access and control over your vehicle

Advanced equipment

Car key and lock security systems have evolved. While many services can open a locked car door, not all have the necessary expertise and the tools that would match your car’s lock system. Hiring auto locksmith solutions that have advanced equipment lowers the likelihood of damage to your car’s look. Whether it is re-calibrating car locks, replacing transponder keys, or removing a stuck car key, our team can help you with everything you need.


Opting for car key replacement service at a dealership is significantly more expensive than hiring an auto locksmith. GOAT Locksmiths is a licensed locksmith offering quality services at reasonable prices. Our prices beat the market rate. With every service you avail from us, there comes value addition which makes our services much more worthwhile.

Swift response time

Carlock emergencies can happen unexpectedly when you are on your way to work or are planning to go on a weekend trip with your family. We provide prompt assistance to our customers in emergencies. Whether you are in a lockout situation or just want to get a pair of spare keys, simply give us a call at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.

Wide variety of car locks solutions

Our experts are passionate and understand their job very well. This is the reason why we offer a range of car locksmith solutions, not just car door lock replacement. Our team can program transponder keys, unjam ignition locks, repair damaged locks, rekey car locks, and more.

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Most popular questions


Here are few of the regular queries we get. 

Give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

It depends on the kind of work you want us to do. Modern cars come with transponder keys with corresponding chips. Cutting mechanical keys doesn’t take much time. The same applies to programming a transponder key. As soon as you place a request for a service, our technicians start working on the task almost immediately.

Our expert technicians have diverse experience and must be able to work with all car brands including Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, and all top brands. Our specialist can also provide keys for luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and other brands. 

There is no simple answer to this question. The price of the service depends upon the complexity of the task and also depends on the automotive model we are working on. Modern vehicles have keys with transmitters and chips that require special programming. This implies that they are more expensive to replace. 

GOAT Locksmiths do not provide 24/7 services as of now. We provide prompt assistance whenever you are in an emergency scenario and need quick assistance. All our services have a quick turnaround time.

If you have lost all the keys, then it is best to contact our expert team right away. We will make sure that you gain access to your car as soon as possible.